16/02/20 – Sunday V&A trip

What better thing to do on the second day of the half term when it’s raining than go to one of the main museums in London of course! Luckily I go there quite early, so even though I was quite damp from the journey in, I at least didn’t have to queue. The queue aContinue reading “16/02/20 – Sunday V&A trip”

20/03/2014 – It’s Fall Out Boy!

The marvellous Duncan bought me tickets for my birthday to see Fall Out Boy who I actually love! It was a fantastic night, we got so close and they performed brilliantly! I was totally high on life, love it, happy birthday me!

15/02/2014 – Ska Night!

After waking up horrendously hungover and annoying my housemate/s all day, I headed out to Shepard’s Bush to meet up with Duncan and friends to see Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and Zebrahead! Such a good gig, with so much dancing. I had a pint to keep me going but after that it wasContinue reading “15/02/2014 – Ska Night!”

26/01/2014 – A Musical Sunday

A lovely, lazy Sunday today hanging out with the boys. The most productive thing I did today was smart up on my guitar skills! I do love a good relaxing day.

07/12/2013 – Basement Jaxx with a dash more bass

Busy evening tonight! We went to Brixton to see Basement Jaxx after a lovely friend gave me the tickets for free as she couldn’t make it (thanks Sarah!). They were fantastic live, my friends have raved about them being great fun before, so they definitely lived up to the hype. Then it was onto aContinue reading “07/12/2013 – Basement Jaxx with a dash more bass”

16/11/2013 – Chase and Status at the O2!

Today was a great day! Went out with the boys to the London Welsh Centre to watch the Wales vs Argentina rugby match. Wales triumphed, which made the experience so much better! Headed to the O2 afterwards to see Chase and Status!! Amazing gig, we were right at the front for it getting battered butContinue reading “16/11/2013 – Chase and Status at the O2!”

23/10/2013 – Goodbye Bowling for Soup

Another gig! Bowling for Soup host their farewell tour for the UK. They’re aiming to end on a high, and they did nothing short of just that. A brilliant night to see the boys off, but they reassured they’ll be back at festivals in the UK, so that’s good news. I also went for afternoonContinue reading “23/10/2013 – Goodbye Bowling for Soup”

20/10/2013 – The Fabulous Cat Empire

For a long time The Cat Empire have been my all time favourite band. They’re just brilliant. Tonight I got to see them for the second time and they didn’t let me down for a second. Wonderful music, great dancing, and tasty beer. The makings of a bloody good Sunday night.

10/12/2012 – I finally saw The Cat Empire!

For those that don’t know me too well, this is my all time favourite band. It’s a rare thing for me to settle on a top favourite, a number one, a pinicle of the best! But for bands, it’s The Cat Empire, no questions asked. I’ve had these tickets since April, and you might thinkContinue reading “10/12/2012 – I finally saw The Cat Empire!”

10/11/2012 – The Warped Tour UK 2012

Today myself, Claire and Craig went to the UK’s Warped Tour! It’s the first time it’s been in the use in 14 years, and it was bloody brilliant. I had a great day and saw Awolnation (pictured) and Bowling for Soup (amongst others) who are two of my favourite bands!