25/11/15 – Mum’s prebirthday cupcake manicure!

It’s the day before my mum’s birthday so we decided to chill out a bit after a busy evening yesterday. Whilst watching The Breakfast Club I painted her nails with a birthday theme! I’m pretty proud of them – probably my best yet! We then went into London for a spot of shopping before headingContinue reading “25/11/15 – Mum’s prebirthday cupcake manicure!”

15/01/2014 – Footie Mani

Stayed home tonight and watched the football with my housemate whilst doing my nails, my ideal relaxing evening. I spotted a polish I liked in a girl’s collection on reddit, told her, and she posted it to me! How lovely of her! It’s the blue in this manicure, I love it. Happy Steph!

29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper

With all the wallowing going around at the moment I decided to cheer myself up a bit and relax, and what better way to do that than getting my nails done (shellac, a hard solid resin over the nails that lasts around 2 weeks without chipping or getting dull) and a haircut! To explain the first photo,Continue reading “29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper”