21/07/2012 – Exploring London over Lunch

Wanted a cheap day out today, so after getting out of my PJ’s at 12pm (I deserved a lie in I felt..) I hoped on a Borris Bike (now learnt this is the ‘London lingo) and cycled to Tower Bridge to eat lunch on the grass. On the way, I was caught up in allContinue reading “21/07/2012 – Exploring London over Lunch”

04/06/2012 – THE tastiest of puddings

Today was my last full day of coding this website, and it’s finally all done and annotated. I have a bit more work to do tomorrow but not much! Went for lunch with Claire as the last rev’s tradition today (for now anyway) and celebrated with the revolution mess, and it was amaaazing.

29/05/2012 – Lunch with the Ladies

We all had to go to uni today to work out the placements for the graduation show starting Friday. There was a bit of drama due to us not being able to hire out iPads to show our apps off, but it’ll be sorted. After that I went for lunch with my graphics ladies! ItContinue reading “29/05/2012 – Lunch with the Ladies”


University today! I was difficult, and slightly sole destroying when work you’re happy with isn’t what your lecturers had in mind. However, my day was made much better by this amazing thing! (And Claire.) This pudding was amazing, part of our lovely ‘tradition’ Monday lunches in Revs. Yummy. (On a serious note, my friends are most definitelyContinue reading “23/04/2012”