11/10/15 – Light up Sunday

Experimental photo today because why the hell not? It’s Sunday evening! Nic and I did a big shop this morning, then had Dan and Lee round our house for a roast dinner. It’s been a really nice, relaxing Sunday mostly spent eating and playing on the PS3 and Wii. We then played around with theContinue reading “11/10/15 – Light up Sunday”

14/11/2013 – The Palace at Night

Finally got round to cycling up to Kentish Town for lunch with superlative Richard (I need to find friends who work closer to South West!). I got lost a couple times, so instead of cycling around 14 miles, I ended up doing a few detours and cycled around 20 miles – though a few of thoseContinue reading “14/11/2013 – The Palace at Night”

02/11/2013 – It’s Bonfire Night!

Well, not quite, but it was for me! I have my friend’s birthday plans on the 5th so I went to see the Morden firework display! I’d highly recommend it, though if I’m still in London next year I’m going to be checking out the Ally Pally ones as apparently they were a lot cheaperContinue reading “02/11/2013 – It’s Bonfire Night!”