17/10/21 – Happy on two wheels

I went on a lovely 14 mile Autumnal bike ride today! The weather was gorgeous. I then went on a lovely walk with Nic in the afternoon before making apple compote with apples our nextdoor neighbour dropped round! It’s been a very wholesome and seasonally apt day for me and I’ve loved every second ofContinue reading “17/10/21 – Happy on two wheels”

16/10/21 – Day at the Tate

Nic’s parents came down to visit us today! We went out for a lovely lunch in Richmond then headed to the Tate Modern for the day. We saw some incredible and timeless classics, and of course a few pieces that spurred the old “how do you even quantify what art is?” discussion. But it wouldn’tContinue reading “16/10/21 – Day at the Tate”

14/10/21 – Rude awakening

This poor moth had the fright of his life today when our window cleaners turned up! Quite excited to leave the house tomorrow as I’ve been cooped up for a couple days, only popping out for 15 mins today. Excited for the day off, and get some easy errands done. Let’s hope the weather isContinue reading “14/10/21 – Rude awakening”

12/10/21 – More house work…

But this time is seems to be good news! We’ve got a leak in our bathroom ceiling. But after a couple weeks of agonising wait, it looks like it’s a minor job to fix, and not one that will cost us hundreds or thousands. Colour me surprised to say the least… That was our positiveContinue reading “12/10/21 – More house work…”

11/10/21 – Morning at the office

Stunning views this from the office at 9am. But before I even got there I had already had a lovely morning! Buffet breakfast with mum and Nic at the hotel – yum yum. Quick cuddles with mum before I headed off for the tube. What a fab weekend we’ve had being tourists in London. I’mContinue reading “11/10/21 – Morning at the office”

10/10/21 – Cultured day out

We went to the V&A museum today. It was again surprisingly quiet, so made for a lovely early afternoon of meandering around. After that we went to the hotel’s pool for an afternoon of chilling out, swimming and steam room-ing. It’s been a fantastic last day of London holiday with mum. I’m going to missContinue reading “10/10/21 – Cultured day out”