13/03/21 – ALL the elements

I’ve had a very wholesome day today. I cross stitched for an hour this morning before setting out on a ten mile run. I thought the weather was ideal, if a bit windy. But I ended up getting ALL the elements! It was super sunny, then rained, hailed and sleeted and finally finished up withContinue reading “13/03/21 – ALL the elements”

12/03/21 – Morning spring walks

I woke up this morning to a text saying my covid test was negative! Woo hoo! I then headed out at 7am for a phone call walk with my friend in the Philippines (3pm her time!). I ended up walking 5 miles, nattering away for nearly two hours. It was lush! I even managed toContinue reading “12/03/21 – Morning spring walks”

11/03/21 – Unexpected find

Last time I was at my mum’s I found this book on a shelf. Mum didn’t know where it had come from and it sounded right up my street so I nabbed it! It’s way heavier than I was expecting, but also a lot more interesting. It talks all about our decision making skills andContinue reading “11/03/21 – Unexpected find”

10/03/21 – Covid test…

Our whole area is being asked by the council to take a covid test due to the discovery of the new variant in the area. We’ve been told to otherwise continue as normal but I’ve decided to hold off any friend walks until I get my result! Other than that, today was a very productiveContinue reading “10/03/21 – Covid test…”

08/03/21 – Cloudy morning walks

Got out at 7am today to chat with Corinne on the phone whilst walking around my local area. Decided to visit Norwood Lakes as I haven’t been there for ages! It’s much quieter now the kids are back in school, just a few joggers and morning walkers. A very calm way to enter into aContinue reading “08/03/21 – Cloudy morning walks”

07/03/21 – Reunited with a bonus!

I’m back walking with my lovely friend, Nat. We went on a hiatus from meeting up this winter due to the covid numbers going so high, then she gave birth to her little baby boy! So today was extra special as I got to finally reunite with Nat and meet her exceptionally adorable wee one.Continue reading “07/03/21 – Reunited with a bonus!”

06/03/21 – Bit of normality

Nic and I walked to Streatham Common today and had a takeaway lunch from a cafe! We sat in The Rockery and ate a sourdough toastie and chips. It was so lovely that it felt like a “normal” Saturday from pre-covid, despite us having to order via an app and then collect… But we’re gettingContinue reading “06/03/21 – Bit of normality”

05/03/21 – Happy mind, happy run

I had an incredible run this morning. Seven miles of crisp, bright, blue sky running. I listening to my audio book for the first half then switched to happy music as I trotted home for the second half. Once I got back I meditated in the garden, sat in the sunshine feeling the chilled airContinue reading “05/03/21 – Happy mind, happy run”

04/03/21 – Making the time

Up at 6.50am today to go on a walk whilst on the phone to a wonderful friend who lives in the Philippines. It was cold and foggy but oh so lovely to catch up with her once again. One upside of covid for me is reconnecting with friends that are far away. Normally we’d bothContinue reading “04/03/21 – Making the time”