17/07/2012 – Loving the London Life

This weeks posts won’t be anything too exciting as I’m spending my time in work 9-5.30 and then getting to be quite early to gain back my energy! Last week totally drained me, so much has changed and happened, I’m looking forward to being more settled, but for now, a picture of our lovely balconyContinue reading “17/07/2012 – Loving the London Life”

16/07/2012 – First Day in New Job

Today I started my new job at Affiliated Window as a Graphic/Web Designer! In fairness, I was knackered, and today wasn’t my best of days. But everyone here is really lovely, and I’m looking forward to a really early night to gain my energy back for tomorrow. But here’s me smiling in work none-the-less.

14/07/2012 – Moving Day Montage!

I’m moving to Laaaaandan today! Mum and I packed up our hired van (might as well do it in one go!) and headed to London. She’s dead impressed with the flat I managed to snag, and everything has worked out well! Spent the day with mum and Sue moving all my stuff in, and thenContinue reading “14/07/2012 – Moving Day Montage!”

10/07/2012 – Running Riot Round Rondon (London..)

Today was one of the longest days of my life! Got up at 6am after not much sleep, to then get the mega bus to London. Whilst on the Megabus (a four hour long bus ride, side note, I get car sick) I had to ring up all previous meetings arranged for today, cancel them,Continue reading “10/07/2012 – Running Riot Round Rondon (London..)”

09/07/2012 – CLAIRE GOT HER JOB!

After an entire day of searching for ‘Spare Rooms’ to stay in, and finalising meetings for tomorrow, I go out for dinner with the ‘graphics lot’ and Claire gets a phone call, she’s got the London job! This means we can now hunt for a flat for just the two of us! All work (andContinue reading “09/07/2012 – CLAIRE GOT HER JOB!”

18/06/2012 – Giraffe in a Phone Box!

Another long(ish) drive today as I head to Langley to stay with my sister for a couple nights. We headed into London today to get lunch, and scope out some areas as I’ll be moving to London next month for my new job! (Exciting and terrifying!) Saw this giraffe in a telephone box which afterContinue reading “18/06/2012 – Giraffe in a Phone Box!”