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09/02/19 – Tourist day out — Feb 9, 2019

09/02/19 – Tourist day out

I have had the most delightful day with Nic. We walked nearly 12 miles around london! We got the bus to Blackheath, walked to Greenwich, then got the boat to Tower Bridge, before walking all the way along South Bank before crossing the river and heading into Soho.

It was a really super day, one I feel I’ve very much needed.

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03/02/19 – Blue sky running — Feb 3, 2019

03/02/19 – Blue sky running

Gorgeous day for a run! The sun was shining and there was finally ni frost or snow. I popped on my gloves and ran 11km in the sunshine whilst listening to my current audio book. Apart from that it’s been a pretty chill weekend, just how I like them.