10/09/22 – Hiking day

Today’s agenda was a lovely long walk around the Bath Skyline. We ended up walking 9.4 miles and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, even the hilly bits! We were so lucky with the weather and had blue skies for a lot of it. After another trip to the hotel spa we headed out toContinue reading “10/09/22 – Hiking day”

09/09/22 – Spa day!

Today was another day of relaxation, with a visit to the Therme Spa. It was so wonderful. My favourite moment was being in the rooftop pool, feeling the cool air on my face whilst being in the hot hot swimming pool, pure bliss. I feel so relaxed from this holiday, it’s absolutely achieved what weContinue reading “09/09/22 – Spa day!”

07/09/22 – New hair!

I went into the office today and had a very busy but productive day of speaking to a lot of different people and getting stuff done. After all that, I then got my hair done! I’m off work for a few days now so this was a great way to kick my holiday off andContinue reading “07/09/22 – New hair!”

05/09/22 – It’s feeling autumnal!

Nic and I finally managed a weekday evening walk in! We’ve been struggling a bit with both of our jobs being pretty full on. But the sun shined as we headed out for a lovely early evening walk. It’s already feeling a bit autumnal, the mushrooms were in full bloom and looked pretty spectacular. ThenContinue reading “05/09/22 – It’s feeling autumnal!”

04/09/22 – Plant hospital

We got up on a Sunday morning and went to a garden centre… So it’s safe to say we’re officially growing older! But we did get a new pot and soil to do some house plant reshuffling. Kind of like how hermit crabs scale up their homes, that was the system I was going for.Continue reading “04/09/22 – Plant hospital”

03/09/22 – Lunch date with Nat

I ran 7 miles this morning in the 25 degree heat and very quickly regretted it. It was too hot for me to run and I got badly dehydrated. I then didn’t eat at all until 5pm so it was all a bit mismanaged. But when I did eat I started with this bad boyContinue reading “03/09/22 – Lunch date with Nat”

01/09/22 – Recovery centre

My poor peace lily isn’t feeling too great so he’s gone in for a spa day in our bathroom. I think he’s suffering from over watering but I just wanted to check with a quick bottom water! It was actually a plant focused day today. After dinner Nic and I headed to Brixton to pickContinue reading “01/09/22 – Recovery centre”