03/10/2012 – Back in London!

As the title states, I’m back in London.. and drinking again! The picture is of water, as when I’m in work, I drink like a fish. But after a long day catching up with all the jobs that was piling up while I wasn’t in work Monday and Tuesday, I thought I deserved a ‘proper’ drink withContinue reading “03/10/2012 – Back in London!”

29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper

With all the wallowing going around at the moment I decided to cheer myself up a bit and relax, and what better way to do that than getting my nails done (shellac, a hard solid resin over the nails that lasts around 2 weeks without chipping or getting dull) and a haircut! To explain the first photo,Continue reading “29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper”

28/09/2012 – Exploring Brick Lane

Last day of work today before a long weekend home for various reasons. Today was rather nice as my work mate took me around Brick Lane during our lunch break. I’m a sucker for vintage shops, and loved adding this to my list of things I can do in work lunchtimes (when I get theContinue reading “28/09/2012 – Exploring Brick Lane”

27/09/2012 – Caring friends

We had the delightful Maria and Buddug around for dinner tonight. I cooked chicken stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in bacon, with chips and vegetables. It was actually a meal I created that’s completely free of syns of slimming world so it’s good for you! It turned out great, and we all had a lovely night.Continue reading “27/09/2012 – Caring friends”

26/09/2012 – Mitten weather!

London’s weather has been so hit and miss recently, but today was a brisk sunny morning, the ideal mitten weather! Basically, I’m a easy going person for weather. I love sun, and I love the rain and cold (though the wind does my head in!) But crisp, cold mornings are definitely my favourite, and cyclingContinue reading “26/09/2012 – Mitten weather!”

25/09/2012 – Poor effort running photo!

Have to apologise for this photo! I run three times a week, and this was after my first run of this week, and I was quite tired, apparently I didn’t wait long enough for it to fully capture! But this is the canal that runs adjacent to Victoria Park, my first choice of places toContinue reading “25/09/2012 – Poor effort running photo!”

24/09/2012 – Aren’t I just the sexiest?

In recent mention of me losing weight, here’s me about to cycling to work in the pouring rain at quarter to 8 in the morning! I plan to stick at it through all months and brave the cold, wind and rain (wind being my biggest pet hate). It’s going well so far, and I’m proudContinue reading “24/09/2012 – Aren’t I just the sexiest?”

23/09/2012 – I bought a ‘yay me’ bag

How my mind works – If you do something good Steph, you get a reward. So today, I bought myself a Fred Perry travel bag for when I come home to Cardiff and go on trips! I’ve been eyeing it up for ages, and I finally got it!

22/09/2012 – Well there’s one good thing!

Popped into town today with mum and found some good news (if you’ll excuse the vanity)! My efforts of cycling, running and watching what I eat have paid off! I don’t like getting too personal on this blog now it’s audience has spread from just family/friends – but for the first time since I wasContinue reading “22/09/2012 – Well there’s one good thing!”