16/09/2012 – London with a sister on tow

Mel has come to visit me, which is always a lovely treat. We cycled to spittlefields market today for lunch, and to have mosey round the different stalls. We then headed into central London, got hot chocolate and just wandered around. Really nice day in all, as I said, always lovely.

15/09/2012 – Saturday morning run

My first weekend where I have no plans in about 2 months, and I’m loving it. Spent the morning being healthy! Cycled to Victrocia Park, and then ran and walked for 50 minutes, went for 6k! I’m definitely getting fitter and loving it. Cycled home and spent the day doing various chores. Lovely weekend.

05/09/2012 – My First Published Work!

Today I received the news that the ad I designed last week was in today’s issue of the Guardian! I nerdily ran out at lunch to buy a copy, and here’s the advert! I’m really happy, it was a 2 day turnaround and it’s come out well (I think). Yay! I then had a lovely evening satContinue reading “05/09/2012 – My First Published Work!”

04/09/2012 – Sunny Eye

It’s a break day for running today, so I decided to go for a cycle at lunch instead. I was going to head to Piccadilly to pick up my train tickets for friday, but I think it’s too far for an hours trip so I headed to The London Eye again and had a wanderContinue reading “04/09/2012 – Sunny Eye”

03/09/2012 – Tasty tasty pasta

While on the hunt for a bottle of free coke from boots (Google it!) I came across ‘Pasta Box’ a lovely pasta restaurant that also does takeaway! I decided to seize the opportunity and get meatball spaghetti, and it was just amazing, best Monday decision, and well recommended if you’re in Aldagte area!