04/01/2014 – Fishy Fish Fish

A fish a fish, a fishy fish!.. I’ve been spending far too much time watching my new Monty Python Flying Circus box set, sorry. I went to nandos and London aquarium today! The lovely Richard and I had a catch up, playing with fishies! I’ve recently renewed my merlin card so I’m back into visitingContinue reading “04/01/2014 – Fishy Fish Fish”

13/10/2012 – I love Fish!

Today my sister and I met up for a day out in London. I managed to get another use out of my Merlin Annual Pass (I promise I’m not sponsored!) by going to London Aquarium! It was surprisingly not busy, and was a really nice break from the busy streets of London on a Saturday.Continue reading “13/10/2012 – I love Fish!”