30/10/2013 – Back to the South West (Of London)

After lunch in town with the lovely Rach, I jumped on the train today to head back to London. Bye bye Wales, I’ll most definitely miss you. Saw a lovely sunset, followed by the cutest two kids in paddington, struggled with my case during rush hour back to Clapham, then hopped on my bike toContinue reading “30/10/2013 – Back to the South West (Of London)”

21/10/2012 – It’s Baby Squirrel Season!

[Link to my Flickr for more photos!] Someone mentioned this morning on Reddit that it was “Baby Squirrel Season”, I had nothing planned for my Sunday so I thought “why the hell not”! Chucked my bobble hat and scarf on, and got the tube to St James’ Park by Buckingham Palace. The squirrels are quite tame! IContinue reading “21/10/2012 – It’s Baby Squirrel Season!”

08/08/2012 – CWW

It’s Cheap Wine Wednesday (I’m promising myself this won’t become a ‘thing’). A cheeky drink with a couple new friends from work escalated in meeting up with Claire and buying in some delightful “Tesco Value Spanish Rose Wine”. We regret nothing, it was a great night, thoroughly enjoyed with lots of singing, drinking, dancing and maple syrupContinue reading “08/08/2012 – CWW”