20/02/2014 – Creative lippy

The quiff is out in full volume today as it’s my last day getting the tube into work! Normally I wear my bike helmet to work which stops me getting too creative with my hair, so it was nice to have a change. Not much else happened today! Rest day from gym, and Creative ReviewContinue reading “20/02/2014 – Creative lippy”

18/11/2013 – Keep it Colourful

I’m having a fluffy hair day today… as illustrated by the first photo. I’m also basking in being colourful! I love bright colours, they make me happy. My laptop bag does a good job holding my bright green laptop whilst being super colourful. Lovely!

02/11/2012 – Lippy-Stick

Today I’m off to my Aunties in Kent for the night! And in relating news, what a better place to put on lipstick than a train.. I have no compact mirror at the moment, so used my phone to check if it was all over my face, turns out it was the only photo IContinue reading “02/11/2012 – Lippy-Stick”