25/02/2014 – Steak in Birmingham

Busy day at work today getting ready for a client meeting in Birmingham tomorrow. Straight after work we hopped on the train and headed up north. Had a lovely evening with my colleagues, drinking wine and eating steak before eventually getting some sleep!

24/02/2014 – Running and Food. Life.

My blog seems to far too often revolve around these two topics! I had a lovely run this morning, 7.5km. It was chilly but very pretty morning. Then I seem to have just eaten for the rest of the day.. I had a lot of work to finish before heading to Birmingham with work theContinue reading “24/02/2014 – Running and Food. Life.”

23/02/2014 – Skating Steph

My lovely mum dropped off my skates today as she was in London! So after Rach headed off to catch her bus home, I cycled down to battersea park to dust off my skills. I had a complete blast on them, haven’t realised how much I missed it. Skated 11.5km in an hour, around theContinue reading “23/02/2014 – Skating Steph”

22/02/2014 – Sunny London

What a glorious day! My ideal weather today, so after another stunning run, we walked into London via Hyde Park. It took around two hours as we went the scenic route, but it was nothing but gorgeous scenery. Pizza and pasta for lunch, followed by a bike ride around Hyde park. Bliss day with oneContinue reading “22/02/2014 – Sunny London”

21/02/2014 – Sunshine mornings and rugby

Today started off with a gorgeous run around clapham common, just as the sun was rising. I then cycled to the post office, before heading to work! I have my baby bike back, and I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! After work I met up with the lovely Rach, who is stayingContinue reading “21/02/2014 – Sunshine mornings and rugby”