23/03/2014 – Ow, my head

Well, last night was fantastic, but I am more than paying for it today.. I woke up, are cake and drank cava, probably not my brightest idea! All my friends slowly dispersed throughout the morning, leaving Duncan and Rachy to drive to McDonalds.. A-mazing. Then after they left it was more wallowing and PS3. SuchContinue reading “23/03/2014 – Ow, my head”

22/03/2014 – Steph’s Birthday Party!

My 23rd birthday party was today!! Daemon and Maddy both from uni, arrived this morning! I’m so lucky for everyone travelling to London, it was absolutely fantastic – a full day and night with my pinnacle favourites!

21/03/2014 – Birthday Cake #2!

My lovely housemate Polly made me this beautiful cake for my birthday party tomorrow! I have the nicest friends and I’m truly basking in it this week 🙂 My best friends from home Alyx and Rachy arrived tonight, we drank wine and ate pasta and garlic bread, delicious start to the weekend with my besties!Continue reading “21/03/2014 – Birthday Cake #2!”

20/03/2014 – It’s Fall Out Boy!

The marvellous Duncan bought me tickets for my birthday to see Fall Out Boy who I actually love! It was a fantastic night, we got so close and they performed brilliantly! I was totally high on life, love it, happy birthday me!

19/03/2014 – Massive salad time!

This year I’ve really started to concentrate on my eating and how I can improve it. I’ve never been a big salad eater, but this beast might change that! Multicolored salad in the middle of a busy day at work, delightful. Nothing much else going on today!

18/03/2014 – Finger Liquor Good

Lots of catching up to do over my birthday time! Tonight was Meat Liquor with the jet setting Jasmin who’s about to leave for New York – exciting times. Always a delight, with added meaty deliciousness!

17/03/2014 – Speedy Bike!

(Quick apologies for the delay in uploading and the massive back log that is about to happen – life got busy!) First ride with my new mounted phone case on my bike and I love it! So handy to speed around without wondering if I’m going the right direction.. Back in work as normal today,Continue reading “17/03/2014 – Speedy Bike!”

11/03/2014 – Grumpy mouth

Today is Tuesday so no running, and only a small exercise class. I bit into an apple though and completely bent my lower invisible retainer. Ow. Luckily, I’m going to Cardiff tomorrow night with a dentist appointment on Thursday! So not long to wait, but I wasn’t a happy bunny.

10/03/2014 – Radio 1 guest! .. Maybe.

Always up to something it seems! Andy and I went to the Radio 1 studios tonight to watch live comedy tonight. There were only about twenty of us there for about half an hour, but it was a lovely evening!

09/03/2014 – Massive run, massive shop!

Decided today I’d run 10 miles! I didn’t want to care about time, just the mileage. Well, I only went and did it! I was flagging, but bumped into Edwyn who ran the last 4 miles with me whilst my knees ached. Very proud of myself though, 1hr55! Didn’t take any photos during the run,Continue reading “09/03/2014 – Massive run, massive shop!”