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31/08/15 – Sun basking day — Sep 1, 2015

31/08/15 – Sun basking day

Today was a glorious day of sun bathing! Our first day of melty melty relaxation. I spent the majority of it reading and playing in the pool – just bliss!

Then it was out for evening drinks where I managed to get a number of cracking long exposure shots. Such a nice, chilled out day.

Sunburn update: Pink belly Pink belly! (I’m honestly trying not to get sunburnt! I even bought higher SPF!)


30/08/15 – Driving down the California West Coast — Aug 31, 2015

30/08/15 – Driving down the California West Coast

We managed to fit in a quick trip to Lombard Street this morning as seen, before packing our bags and heading off in our hire car.

Today we travel the west coast down to Monterey Bay for our next five nights in California. We had a gorgeous toilet break as seen in the bottom photo, and then finally drinks and dinner at the bay itself.

And thus begins the relaxing side to our Californian trip!


29/08/15 – 22 mile Californian Cycle — Aug 30, 2015

29/08/15 – 22 mile Californian Cycle

After a lovely run around the bay this morning we decided to hire bikes with the intention of cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge! And well, we did that.. And another 16 miles! We ended up cycling 22 miles from San Fran habour to Tiburon. From there (after a cocktail and some wine) we got the ferry back to the bay.

What started off as a foggy day quickly got overrode by glorious sunshine! It was a fantastic all round trip and such a great day, finished off with a great Chinese restaurant.

Sunburn update: I now have back pack strap marks. Awesome.


28/08/15 – Running to the Golden Gate Bridge — Aug 29, 2015

28/08/15 – Running to the Golden Gate Bridge

I started my day off today with an early 7.5mi run to The Golden Gate Bridge. It was quite hard as I forgot water and my music hadn’t synced.. But I did it and the pay off was excellent!

After I got back we went out for an all American breakfast then jumped on a guided tour bus for a lot of the day trying to explore a bit more whilst resting our feet.

In the evening we walked the length of China town to end up at Macy’s for dinner and some shopping! Another busy but enjoyable day in San Fran.


27/08/15 – Visiting Alcatraz Island — Aug 28, 2015

27/08/15 – Visiting Alcatraz Island

Today we walked over 9 miles! After a classic (and delicious!) American breakfast of waffles, turkey sausage and ‘breakfast syrup’ it was off to get the boat to Alcatraz.

I have always had an interest for the island so it was such a great experience to go their in person. We learnt a lot and to top it off the weather has continued to be glorious. Then it was off for a late lunch in Little Italy and a walk along the beach.

Sunburn update: I have a pink nose..


26/08/15 – California Girls! — Aug 27, 2015

26/08/15 – California Girls!

Well, after roughly 16 hours since we left my house in London we made it to San Francisco!

Such a fantastic first day of our holiday. I managed to sleep for lots of the flight (between the meals!), then we got a taxi to our first hotel and went out for dinner with an incredible view of the sea lions and the Golden Gate Bridge! We’ve done well so far to beat the jet lag, but now it’s time to finally get a good night’s sleep..


25/08/15 – I’m on my hols! — Aug 25, 2015