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01/12/2013 – First Sunday of Advent — Dec 6, 2013

01/12/2013 – First Sunday of Advent

Photo 01-12-2013 13 41 01I’ve you’ve not already noticed, I get pretty damn excited about Christmas. It’s a lovely time of year! Today is the first day of advent, and I get to open my first advent chocolate! Apart from that I didn’t do much today, still trying to completely recover. I have a freelance day tomorrow and want to be well!

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28/11/2013 – Into the Village — Nov 30, 2013

28/11/2013 – Into the Village

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I headed to Kensington Village today for a meeting. It was a pain to get there, the first time my directions app has ever steered me wrong! Then had to pop over to East London. Travelling around London can be annoying – something I dislike about London is how an hours journey becomes a normal thing to get from one place to another. You wouldn’t travel from Cardiff to Newport for a few pints!