02/11/2012 – I’ll just stay here then..

I’m back in work tomorrow and thus will have to man up, for now though, my bed is still my best friend! Here’s my view for most of today as I slowly watched the sun go around…

01/12/2012 – New York Jammies and Jet Lag

I’m still tremendously jet-lagged, marvellous! But hey, look at my fancy jammies, guess where I got them?! Oh and I still haven’t unpacked..

30/11/2012 – Oh man I am jet-lagged.

Arrived back in the UK last night around 11pm – it’s safe to say I was completely shattered. I slept in today until about 1pm, and then headed out in my new fancy shoes I got form New York (did I tell you I went on holiday?!) for a colleague’s leaving party! Great night, though my sleepingContinue reading “30/11/2012 – Oh man I am jet-lagged.”