29/09/2013 – Such a Familiar View

Ah the familiar scene of working on my iPad whilst the world flys past – I’m on my way back to London, it’s home time. After a lovely weekend in Wilmslow I’m back riding the warm Northern underground line whilst writing this up. I have the strongest love/hate relationship with this city – it drivesContinue reading “29/09/2013 – Such a Familiar View”

01/02/2013 – Back to being healthy

Back to being fit and healthy! I’ve ran 4 times this week and feeling great! Back to eating better too, smiley fruit! Pretty sure I’ve done this photo before though…

31/01/2013 – Piggin’ out!

My cousins fiancé and I went to Bodeans tonight! You can tell by the piggy door handle that they’re big on their meat, and it wasn’t a let down. I had an amazing burger, though I want to go back and try the pulled pork, it looked amazing! Recommended!

30/01/2013 – Zombiiiieeeesss!

Zombie night at the science museum! It opens for late hours on certain nights and this was the first we checked it out.. It was fantastic!! Free face paint, what more could girls want!?

29/01/2013 – Secret Santa paid out!

I got an awesome present from my lovely secret Santa at work – a ten pound MAC voucher! As they know I’ve started wearing lipstick recently. So today at lunch I bought this lovely lippy!

27/01/2012 – Bye to Cousin, Hello to my Bed!

I’ve had a fantastic weekend with my sister and cousin! Nic is heading home today, which in itself is sad, but does mean I get my bed back and to say goodbye to this make shift deal! (Love you really Nic!)

26/01/2013 – The Three Ladies!

Two of my favourite people on top of my favourite place in London. This is my lovely sister and cousin as we stand on Primrose Hill, looking over London. Sometimes chilly, but always lovely.

25/01/2013 – That was fast!

I do enjoy this type of clever advertising. This happened only 2 days ago, and now it’s in the papers already! I was quite impressed. Also my cousin and sister are down for this weekend, and for that, I am verrrry excited Steph!

24/01/2013 – COCK.. Fosters (I’m a big kid)

Let me divulge into my love of lists. So much so, my good friend Sue and I have made a list of all the tube stations, and we’re now checking them off, one by one. Tonight after I finished work, we travelled the full length of the Metropolitan Line, and most of the Piccadilly line,Continue reading “24/01/2013 – COCK.. Fosters (I’m a big kid)”