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25/07/2012 – Olympic Practise! — Jul 27, 2012

25/07/2012 – Olympic Practise!

We’re lucky to have an amazing view of the Olympic Stadium, and although we’re both (my flatmate and I) not too interested in the overall Olympics, it’s hard to not get excited when you’re situated in the middle of it all! Last night they were practicing the lighting of the event! They’ve been doing different run through all week. Yesterday we saw someone parachute out of a helicopter, turns out that’s security practicing -gulp- but Claire caught a fireworks display on Tuesday! Exciting stuff!

23/07/2012 – Summer’s Arrived in London —
28/03/2012 — Mar 28, 2012


ImageAnother lovely day! Britain is having amazing weather at the moment, making it very difficult to stay in work for 6 hours like today.. took this on the way home to Cardiff as it was just such a nice afternoon.