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18/03/11 — Mar 20, 2011


Last day of the Cheltenham Races! This is THE most terrible photo of me as I blinked, but what the hell. A photo of me and David as we finished our last day. Bare in mind I have just done 44 hours of work in 4 days.. with about 6 hours sleep each day, I was a little tired.

17/03/11 —
16/03/11 —


This isn’t the best picture, as I took this photo, in the dark, without a flash as I got out of work. It’s the winning horse for this day and it’s trainer, it won three of the races (and a lot of people, a lot of money!)

15/03/11 —


For Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week I’m working at the Cheltenham Races. 11 hour shift but 16 hours door to door. This is my view for most of the day (but this photo was taken after we had shut). I’m in the members part, so it’s quite posh!