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13/01/19 – Spectacular sunset — Jan 13, 2019
12/01/19 – Trip to IKEA — Jan 12, 2019

12/01/19 – Trip to IKEA

I have an agonisingly bad back today. Hi the extent it’s spasming when I move in a certain way from the pain.

Despite this, I still thought it was a good idea to do a three mile walk to IKEA, whoops. Unsurprisingly no photos were taken during that trip. One was taken however of my satisfying dinner as I finally got to sit down (Nic made the dinner!).

11/01/19 – Lighting the way — Jan 11, 2019
10/01/19 – My lovely friends — Jan 10, 2019
09/01/19 – Pretty lanes — Jan 9, 2019

09/01/19 – Pretty lanes

I’m still marveling at my new office location. I may be finding it hard not to eat alllll the food, but discovering lovely streets like this two minutes away make it all worth it. And the banging egg mayo baguette that the Italian place makes down the road…

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