31/12/20 – New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s half past midnight here so we’re now in our jammies after seeing the new year in whilst on the phone to my mum which was lovely. It’s been a difficult year for everyone to say the least but there were many highs in my world still to be had, notContinue reading “31/12/20 – New Year’s Eve!”

30/12/20 – New phone potential

My new phone arrived today. I’ve made the switch from LG to Google and it’s not without it’s headaches, but I’m getting there! After a relatively productive day (mostly playing on my new phone and then Minecraft) I went out for a sunset walk to get some photos with my new phone! I’m definitely pleasedContinue reading “30/12/20 – New phone potential”

29/12/20 – Fresh air and itchy feet

We’re going a bit mad being cooped up for so long in Thornton Heath due to Covid. It’s making us want to move out of London entirely due to missing the seaside and not hearing constant noise. However we also know it would be silly to make any rash decisions during a pandemic… So we’reContinue reading “29/12/20 – Fresh air and itchy feet”

28/12/20 – Winter walks

Much chillier out today! And my first post Christmas walk with the lovely Nat (one on one walks are thankfully still allowed in tier 4!). We walked and battered for three hours around a forest in between our houses, which is amazing seeing as she’s 7 months pregnant! I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday.Continue reading “28/12/20 – Winter walks”

27/12/20 – Camera down…

My Olympus seems to have died and I’m so sad! A lot of my photos here are taken with this camera due to my phone lens being smashed. I’m going to order a new camera lens with the hope it’ll fix the problem! Or maybe this is the push I need for a new phone…Continue reading “27/12/20 – Camera down…”

26/12/20 – Traditional boxing day…

I did exceptionally little today. I played Minecraft for about five hours then ate choccies and watched Unorthodox on Netflix (would totally recommend!). Nic and I did make another batch of roasties today though to eat with the leftovers, they somehow were even better than yesterday’s! I’m feeling very trapped in this house right nowContinue reading “26/12/20 – Traditional boxing day…”

25/12/20 – Merry Christmas everyone!

We have had such a lovely Christmas! It definitely wasn’t the norm as it was mine and Nic’s first Christmas spent together and my first Christmas away from Cardiff. But we went on a gloriously sunny winter walk, made a wonderful dinner together (with the best roasties I’ve ever had) and watched lots of moviesContinue reading “25/12/20 – Merry Christmas everyone!”

24/12/20 – Christmas in Croydon

I had a lush day today, we got the last of our presents delivered and then were finally free to go on a lovely local walk to get some fresh air. I did my nails and played Minecraft, over all a very chilled out Christmas Eve. We finished the day with some espresso martinis, sushiContinue reading “24/12/20 – Christmas in Croydon”

23/12/20 – Hands up for wine!

Another day stuck in our house in tier four… We went out for a little walk around the block today but the weather has been atrocious. It feels so strange to be in London for Christmas, and especially when we can’t really do anything. I’m hoping next week we can go on some longer walksContinue reading “23/12/20 – Hands up for wine!”

22/12/20 – Running to relax

I did it! I ran 8 miles today to help clear out my head. It’s done me the world of good. I managed to blow off a load of anxiety steam and enjoy a big chunk of my latest audio book. Before my run I managed to wrap and send my last lot of presentsContinue reading “22/12/20 – Running to relax”