28/01/21 – I got out!

I set my alarm for 7am, raring to go for a run and… I went back to sleep. But! I ended up going at lunch and did a 29min 5k which I’m very pleased by. Most importantly because I found it tough but enjoyed it – a great way to blow off steam from work.Continue reading “28/01/21 – I got out!”

19/03/2014 – Massive salad time!

This year I’ve really started to concentrate on my eating and how I can improve it. I’ve never been a big salad eater, but this beast might change that! Multicolored salad in the middle of a busy day at work, delightful. Nothing much else going on today!

05/03/2014 – Finest Fitness

Apart from cycling and running I don’t talk much about my general fitness goings on much on here, I’m trying to not talk about it all the time.. However if you know me in real life, you’ll know between burger eating and painting my nails, I’m quite keen on the gym! Wednesdays are my favouriteContinue reading “05/03/2014 – Finest Fitness”

03/03/2014 – Simple Eggy Things

Such a full day today, so thought I better start it off on a high! A quick 5km run at 6am, followed by this amazingly tasty breakfast before showering. I’m trying to up my protein and lower my carbs, but it’s just so hard! Work was lovely, then back home for dinner with Maria. IContinue reading “03/03/2014 – Simple Eggy Things”

19/02/2014 – Good vs. Better

Bask at my glorious sandwich! It was damn delicious too. Ran to work today as I can’t stand the tube whilst my bike is getting fixed, then went to Pump FX class! Happy lady, especially when I came home to a massive box of chocolates from winning a twitter competition. Deeeelightful.

11/02/2014 – Back to Greens

After a weekend of only slightly watching what I eat (watching myself eat 10 mini kievs more like), I’m back to my healthy ways, with a bonus insanely swish new lunch box! Feeling better already from eating veggies again, it’s now time to have an evening to relax..

28/01/2014 – Stick to it

It’s soon to be a month of dieting, and you get to that struggling point, or at least I do! Offered an apple by a colleague to keep me going but I need to improve on my work snacks! First day back on my bike since Thursday and my knee feels ok so I’m ploughingContinue reading “28/01/2014 – Stick to it”

19/10/2013 – Bike to Birds

Earlyish Saturday start today for a bit of cycling around tooting bec with a friend. Sausage sandwiches, bird spotting and cycling makes for a lovely Saturday morning. Then, of course, more GTA. I’m going to start lying soon about how much time I spend on that game.

18/10/2013 – Desirable Diet

I try most of the time to maintain my weight or drop a couple pounds when I get too mcdonalds happy. Well, today was definitely not a healthy day. It stared off with cookie crisp cereal (it’s amazing), followed by a bike ride into London to try out shake shack! That was lush. It’s quiteContinue reading “18/10/2013 – Desirable Diet”

17/10/2013 – Fuzzy Nails

Freelance gig has finished so back home pottering around today, a day off to myself. I’m not sure if I’ll get bored of these soon, I’ve already painted my nails three times today, with the photo being my favourite… Tum tee tum… What to do next.