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25/11/19 – Crunchy run — Nov 25, 2019

25/11/19 – Crunchy run

I ran my first 5k since summer’s heel injury and I feel great! Tired, but in a wonderful way. I had the day off today before heading back to London this evening – it’s been such a nice weekend being with my mum and sister (and today my nephew). I’m even more excited for Christmas now.

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23/10/2012 – Merhh, I’m ill

I’m pretty sure I’ve done this title before.. anyway, yes, I’m ill. Turns out I did call it yesterday and woke up today feeling rubbish, and was in bed all day being looked after by the lovely Sue! This was the only photo I took, when I remembered I needed one for my blog.

I’ve been craving fast food all day, but haven’t had an appetite  weird I know. Can you guess why I’ve been craving it? Awesome PJ’s.