03/01/21 – Caught in the rain!

I kicked today off with a solid five mile run! It really put me in great step for the day despite it being freezing at the start and a bit of a slog. Still got out there and nailed it! After that I went for a lovely one-on-one walk in Crystal Palace Park with Nat.Continue reading “03/01/21 – Caught in the rain!”

02/01/21 – Day out!

We went to Greenwich today for a walk in the sunshine. It was unfortunately quite busy (should have seen that coming) so we wore our masks the whole time just to be on the safer side. It was a lovely chance to get out the house and see the Thames for the first time inContinue reading “02/01/21 – Day out!”

01/01/21 – Day 1 of 365

A bit of a nothing day today. I’ve felt a bit listless… Aimlessly floating around the house with not much motivation or purpose. I’ve since however set myself some January running and cycling goals and I’m hoping to kick them off tomorrow! I need a kick up the bum to get my 2021 going. It’sContinue reading “01/01/21 – Day 1 of 365”

25/11/19 – Crunchy run

I ran my first 5k since summer’s heel injury and I feel great! Tired, but in a wonderful way. I had the day off today before heading back to London this evening – it’s been such a nice weekend being with my mum and sister (and today my nephew). I’m even more excited for ChristmasContinue reading “25/11/19 – Crunchy run”

02/01/2014 – Let’s Get Physical!

After the last most of no training, it’s time to get back into good habits, with helpful reminder PostIts on my Mac at work! 25km cycled today and an exercise class, let’s do this! Back to work today, but it’s a very short work so should fly by 🙂 lovely!

16/12/2012 – Sunday cycle

I know, I’m a talented photographer! (Or stupid..) but anyhow, here’s a photo of Claire and I mid cycle! We ended up doing 15km which is quite good going for under an hour! Great excessive and great catch up, loved it.

23/10/2012 – Merhh, I’m ill

I’m pretty sure I’ve done this title before.. anyway, yes, I’m ill. Turns out I did call it yesterday and woke up today feeling rubbish, and was in bed all day being looked after by the lovely Sue! This was the only photo I took, when I remembered I needed one for my blog. I’veContinue reading “23/10/2012 – Merhh, I’m ill”