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14/09/2012 – Hangover Hamburger — Sep 15, 2012

14/09/2012 – Hangover Hamburger

I’m still high of life! I was quite the hungover girl today, as I was cleared from work at the event at 11pm last night, which meant I had 5 hours to carry on drinking, socialising and running around helping out still at the event. We were allowed a last start in work today, as I think most of the company who got to go to the event were feeling.. delicate shall we say. Massive burger helped me out, and I had a lovely relaxing Friday evening!


19/04/2012 — Apr 21, 2012


Well, it’s the day after the night before, and I’m in university at 10am, which I think is impressive. Though I have managed to pick all my nail varnish off while my lecturers were talking. However, the more impressive thing is that I haven’t bitten my nails for nearly 5 months now! After biting them all my life, proud!


14/04/11 — Apr 15, 2011


A lazy hangover day today, it’s been just lovely. Meet my boyfriends Mexican TV (note wooden matching gun to the left – all presents I got him when visiting Spain).

27/02/11 — Mar 1, 2011