13/08/15 – Hanging out at Aerial Silks

I had SUCH a good and tiring evening tonight! Corinne and I tried aerial silks for the first time and it was fantastic! Though I’m nervous for my achy arms tomorrow, we’ll definitely be going back soon. One of the main things I want to achieve this year is to get fit and strong –Continue reading “13/08/15 – Hanging out at Aerial Silks”

10/09/2012 – The Batcave gym gains strength

Terrible photo, but forgot to take a better quality. I’ve started running (3 times a week) in aim to be able to run 10k by the end of the year. Since starting this, I’ve loved feeling stronger and fitter, so this week these arrived! My new kettlebells – Claire also bought a set. It’s timeContinue reading “10/09/2012 – The Batcave gym gains strength”

28/05/2012 – Another Sunny Day..

Sent my PC off today to be fixed, so hear’s hoping it’ll be back by Wednesday! After that Mum and I went shopping in Cardiff and I got two really nice maxi dresses On a side note, all my gym work has paid off as I’m officially a size 10 in River Island! (Yay!) WeContinue reading “28/05/2012 – Another Sunny Day..”