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02/08/17 – Werk werk werk — Aug 2, 2017
18/10/2012 – Candy Thursday! — Oct 18, 2012

18/10/2012 – Candy Thursday!

Dieting is hard in this office sometimes, definitely on days where this is plonked on your desk! Not that I’m complaining too much, it was very generous of them and tasty! On a compltelly opposite note, I ran 4.4km this morning! The most I’ve ever done in one go, and I’m actually excited to go on my next run!

13/09/2012 – Affiliate Window host Parlari! — Sep 15, 2012

13/09/2012 – Affiliate Window host Parlari!

This night was beyond amazing, I had to control my face as I was smiling too much. For the last two months I’ve been working on designs for Parlari, an annual black tie event hosted by Affiliate Window (where I work). It’s always an amazing event from what I’ve seen, and this year I got to be a key part of it, by being front of house at the welcoming, designing a lot of the artwork, and just being there! It was a hugely rewarding evening hearing all the praise and being involved with clients and publishers from top league companies (O2, Vodafone, Sky etc) and overall it was a spectacular evening. The top pictures are a snippet of the entertainment for the 500 guests, and then a quick photo of the main dining area, and the second of my posters in the pre-dinner drinks and after party room. I officially love my job, phenomenal night.


05/09/2012 – My First Published Work! — Sep 6, 2012

05/09/2012 – My First Published Work!

Today I received the news that the ad I designed last week was in today’s issue of the Guardian! I nerdily ran out at lunch to buy a copy, and here’s the advert! I’m really happy, it was a 2 day turnaround and it’s come out well (I think). Yay! I then had a lovely evening sat on the balcony reading my book (Just My Type, well recommended) and watched the sunset, happy Steph is happy.


15/08/2012 – Working Hard — Aug 16, 2012

15/08/2012 – Working Hard

I promise not to do this much, the whole ‘filtered image’ thing (these are the tickets for an upcoming black tie event we’re designing). Today I made dinner for Claire and I, it turned out great, I was just too hungry and forgot to take a photo or anything – and I’m not a keen lover of ‘food photography’ when it’s nothing special, I’m not exactly the Masterchef. I promise tomorrow will be more exciting!


13/08/2012 – Just so sleepy.. — Aug 15, 2012
09/08/2012 – Things will work out — Aug 10, 2012

09/08/2012 – Things will work out

This was put up in my office a few days ago by one of the developers I believe – love it.

My new job is going well, I’m very busy, but doing what I love, graphic design. I read a few months ago “Happiness is a journey, not a destination” – as corny as that sounds and normally the sort of quote that would be in Helvetica on top of an unrelated photo of the Eiffel Tower, I like it.
Too many times I feel like I’m working towards a final outcome where I’ll be happy, but I should be happy now, and living life now. 

And last, to quote the amazing Monty Python. –

You’ll see it’s all a show,
Keep ’em laughing as you go.
Just remember that the last laugh is on you.