07/01/2014 – Grubby gamer

I got my little bike fixed tonight! And it’s safely back at home with two very firm wheels! Spend this evening playing Beyond Two Souls after starting it Sunday. I’m still loving it! Though it’s slightly more scary on your own…

05/01/2014 – Game on, Sunday

I popped to the cobblers(!) this morning to pick up my shoes, they look lovely may I add! I took this photo before leaving mine, and I forgot to take any more relevant photos! Whoops. I then cycled to my friends house to get a start on two new PS3 games, “The Last of us”Continue reading “05/01/2014 – Game on, Sunday”

13/10/2013 – Long Awaited Duvet Day!

  Something I’ve been meaning to do for weeks is have a proper duvet day! I seem to be non-stop recently, so it was wonderful to finally catch up with some me time. After 5 hours of playing GTA it’s safe to say I am LOVING it. It’s no surprise really, as Rockstar always putsContinue reading “13/10/2013 – Long Awaited Duvet Day!”