23/12/20 – Hands up for wine!

Another day stuck in our house in tier four… We went out for a little walk around the block today but the weather has been atrocious. It feels so strange to be in London for Christmas, and especially when we can’t really do anything. I’m hoping next week we can go on some longer walksContinue reading “23/12/20 – Hands up for wine!”

29/10/16 – My illness arrives

I’ve been feeling pretty ropey these last few days. I expected it to eventually pass, but apparently it actually had other plans. So here I am on a weekend, splayed out on either the sofa or the bed for a majority of the day with Cal the dog whilst Nic looked after my numerous grumblings (he’s totally theContinue reading “29/10/16 – My illness arrives”

20/07/16 – Run with lots of Sun

Tonight was the JP Corporate run! This is the third year I’ve ran this race, and last year’s race was actually one of my first days I blogged about on here, in this current streak. It was sweltering this year though, I ran 5.6km in a respectable 35 minutes, but it was still 5 minutesContinue reading “20/07/16 – Run with lots of Sun”

26/11/15 – Happy Birthday Mum!

Today was my wonderful mum’s birthday! We started the day off slow then took the train into central London for lunch at Millbank. After a spot of shopping and some afternoon birthday processco in Selfridges, it was time for her birthday present – afternoon tea on a London bus! I’m pleased to say it wasContinue reading “26/11/15 – Happy Birthday Mum!”

21/02/2013 – I’m an adult and I can do what I want!

Felt a bit rubbish today, so decided to have marshmallows and ice cream for dinner, because screw it, I can! Played PS3, and fell asleep a lot happier. Living

11/12/2012 – Cycling to work is a pain in the arse..

…literally. This scene greeted me this fine, chilly morning! I’m so grateful for the Barclay’s Bike man that turned up on a warmer saddle and let me have his bike! He was my saviour for myself and my backside’s warmth.

07/12/2012 – Unexpected beer fridge is the best kind…

The beer fridge was unexpectedly opened today! One might think this leads to an unproductive work force, but you’d be wrong! In my case anyway, as I ended up having a break for a beer and then working for an extra hour and a half still drinking and getting a lot of work done (afterContinue reading “07/12/2012 – Unexpected beer fridge is the best kind…”

22/10/2012 – Nervous Pear, Happy Pear

Today felt very slow, I’ve been feeling ill all day. As shown by my sad pear photo that I took to send to my sister and mum to make them laugh, they did, so I followed up with a happier pear. I’m now on week 9 of couch to 5k! The end is in sight,Continue reading “22/10/2012 – Nervous Pear, Happy Pear”

06/10/2012 – Visit from Ben!

Ben from my uni course came to visit for the day! We did the typical thing of wandering around London’s tourist spots and it was a really good day. Beautiful cold autumn weather, and I got some really good photos of the London guards on parade!