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15/11/2012 – Fight for the Fruit — Nov 15, 2012
07/11/2012 – Breakfast for queens! — Nov 13, 2012

07/11/2012 – Breakfast for queens!

I’ve not been so great with healthy eating recently.. I think it’s because of how my stupid mind works – “Oh hey! You’re doing great with exercise.. that means you can have a burger right? Riiight?” Dammit. But I’m trying to be better again, starting with this for breakfast! A great, healthy breakfast that I love and fills me up, yay! Now to stock up before I go back to skipping the meal.

22/10/2012 – Nervous Pear, Happy Pear — Oct 25, 2012
11/10/2012 – Work’s Ginormous Fruit — Oct 11, 2012
11/09/2012 – Keeping healthy, smiling more — Sep 15, 2012

11/09/2012 – Keeping healthy, smiling more

It’s Tuesday, so fruit day in the office (twice a week, it’s awesome). I needed a photo for today, and due to feeling quite I’ll these last couple days, this was my effort. I even got the tube to work this morning instead of cycling (shock horror). Fruit smiles to keep me going. Busy week at work as the big black tie event we’ve been working towards is on Thursday – exciting!


09/06/2012 – Crimping and Cream — Jun 10, 2012

09/06/2012 – Crimping and Cream

Today consisted mainly of two things, my sister completely ‘crimping’ my hair, and having scones, clotted cream and strawberries (amazing!). On a side note, I also took my PC in to get fixed AGAIN, and should get it back next week sometime..  AND we had McDonald’s breakfast, which is always worth a mention, I love having my sister home.

02/06/2012 – Cherries and Code — Jun 3, 2012

02/06/2012 – Cherries and Code


And the working weekend begins. I have 4 days now to design, and code a website for an interview. I haven’t had time before now due to university and work. Today went well, got the whole design down! I seriously did hardly anything today apart from design at my laptop and a quick drink with a friend. But I did quickly take this photo as I ate my lunch, cherries! Love fruit so much.

30/05/2012 – What more could you want? — Jun 1, 2012

30/05/2012 – What more could you want?

First day back in work after having a couple weeks off due to my studies, and it did drag as I was on my own for a fair bit! But I had strawberries, and apparently it’s small things that make me happy. Speaking of small things, my new memory stick came! The red tiny USB on my keys holds 64gb! I know I’ve grown up with it, but still blows my mind. And last but most definitely not least is a photo of all the girls and guys from uni! A wonderful collection of people (sadly a few weren’t in shot off to the right!). Sad times as everyone moves away, but I’m sure we’ll stay in touch.