18/01/2014 – Friends and drinks!

What a fantastic day! My mate Duncan is back in London after travelling for just over three months, so I spent the afternoon hearing all about it, and received a rather adorable fluffy kiwi! Then in the evening the ever giggly Maddie came round! I hadn’t see her since my last year in uni butContinue reading “18/01/2014 – Friends and drinks!”

27/12/2013 – I miss the beach!

After waking up at Rach’s I drove onto Fiona’s, for another tradition with another wonderful friend! This one is rather new, breakfast at Christmas, that started last year. It was very tasty though, nothing beats pancakes and bacon! I then drove us to Penarth Pier where we took a stroll down before the heavens openedContinue reading “27/12/2013 – I miss the beach!”

18/12/2013 – Burger Buddy!

Today I got to see the fantastic Claire! She’s my old housemate who was on this blog quite a lot before we changed houses! We’re starting a new ‘thing’ where each time we meet up we go to a new burger place. Tonight I took her to Haché, one of my favourite burger places inContinue reading “18/12/2013 – Burger Buddy!”

06/11/2013 – Sue Bear!

There’s nothing nicer than a night in with a great friend. Today the loveliest of lovelys came round, Sue. I cooked us stir fry (before realising we never eat anything else when we’re together) and then we constructed this amazing pudding! Angel Delight with fudge pieces and crumbled up Crunchy. It was so good!

16/01/2013 – Nothing a bottle or three of wine can’t solve!

I had the nicest night tonight drinking with my friends. Ended up being more drunk than planned but feeling happy! And remembered to take a random photo, my tube stop!

30/08/2012 – Great friends and great food

Today Maria visited us again and we cooked her dinner, it was really nice (I’m pretty sure I say this a lot in this blog, but ah well, I love it. I cooked pasta and sauce with garlic bread and a side salad! The top photo is our lovely friend Maria, and the second isContinue reading “30/08/2012 – Great friends and great food”

30/05/2012 – What more could you want?

First day back in work after having a couple weeks off due to my studies, and it did drag as I was on my own for a fair bit! But I had strawberries, and apparently it’s small things that make me happy. Speaking of small things, my new memory stick came! The red tiny USB on myContinue reading “30/05/2012 – What more could you want?”