13/09/15 – Tall trees of Wokingham

After a well needed lie in this morning (still recovering from Friday nights blow up bed incident) Nic and I headed off to a garden party in Wokingham put on by my colleague Jon and his family. The party was in celebration of his new house revamp – after months of work they’re now finallyContinue reading “13/09/15 – Tall trees of Wokingham”

07/03/2014 – Woody Run

Up at 6am for my Friday morning run – I decided today I’d do a bit of exploring since I had the time. Ended up running through Wandsworth common, which I found out has a nice little wooded area to run through, quite a nice change from the streets of clapham. I ended up goingContinue reading “07/03/2014 – Woody Run”