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09/02/20 – Stormy Sunday lunch — Feb 9, 2020
01/11/15 – Boyfriend in the mist — Nov 1, 2015

01/11/15 – Boyfriend in the mist

Surprisingly, Nic and I managed to get out the door at 9.15 this morning to go cycling – despite the copious cider drinking of yesterday.. We had to break in the new bike, and the weather was so incredibly foggy it was a fantastic ride. We ended up going over 33 miles in the mist around London.

This photo of Nic was taken in Greenwich, you could hardly see ten meters ahead! We then had a delicious Sunday roast at our friends house, perfect end to a busy weekend.


20/01/2014 – Eerie Morning Run — Jan 22, 2014
11/12/2013 – Foggy ol’ City — Dec 16, 2013

11/12/2013 – Foggy ol’ City

Today was very foggy in London. It was quite eery walking to Clapham Junction, these photos were taken just outside my house.
Another good day in work, with an evening full of admin work. Washing, tidying, organising, all those fun things! But I did enjoy a quiet night in – it’s been a busy few weeks.


10/01/2013 – Foggy Canary Wharf run — Jan 19, 2013
08/10/2012 – Foggy Big City — Oct 11, 2012

08/10/2012 – Foggy Big City

It was an extremely foggy day in London today. I braved it home cycling as it was just starting to rain, but it takes the same time to cycle as to get the tube, and I was dying to get into my PJ’s, have a relaxing night in and carry on with the Borne movies! Took this photo from my balcony at around 5:30, you could hardly see the city!