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21/10/2012 – It’s Baby Squirrel Season! — Oct 21, 2012

21/10/2012 – It’s Baby Squirrel Season!

[Link to my Flickr for more photos!]

Someone mentioned this morning on Reddit that it was “Baby Squirrel Season”, I had nothing planned for my Sunday so I thought “why the hell not”! Chucked my bobble hat and scarf on, and got the tube to St James’ Park by Buckingham Palace. The squirrels are quite tame! I think it’s a mix between being quite young/naive and being used to being fed by the humans there. They would try to run up your legs for food! I have a few more photos of the squirrels on my Flickr so check that out for more fluffy cuteness!

13/06/2012 – KITTY! — Jun 18, 2012

13/06/2012 – KITTY!

Back in work today, they got my a bottle of champagne for getting my new job! Really going to miss them when I leave. Spent the evening hanging out with the boys as they’re both moving out on Friday. This fluff ball stares at us some days from the fence.. cute though!