23/02/21 – Spring is springing!

Seeing this tree in full blossom made me so happy this morning! I was out on an hours walk before work with Corinne on the phone. It was such a gorgeous dawn and a wonderful opportunity to find the time to catch up with great friend. In some other wholesome news, after dinner I spentContinue reading “23/02/21 – Spring is springing!”

14/01/21 – Flower delivery!

My mum gave us a trial for a flower delivery service she uses! I completely forgot about it so was pleasantly surprised when they turned up today. It was fun arranging them but I’m not sure I can stump up the money to keep up with it! But it’s made me realise I should pickContinue reading “14/01/21 – Flower delivery!”

24/04/16 – Chilly springtime strolls

We’ve had a lazy day today and it’s been really nice. Nic and I went to Crystal palace for a long walk, stopping off to pet the bunnies at the small farm there – we’re definitely getting a bunny when we buy our house, I’m so excited! I’m still cooing over spring at every opportunityContinue reading “24/04/16 – Chilly springtime strolls”

22/07/15 – Surprise Flowers

I finally managed to cycle into work today which means I am officially on the mend, huzzah! The best part of today though was coming home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my lovely Mum. They are a get well present and they certainly put a smile on my face today!

14/07/15 – Happy Anniversary!

Happy week anniversary blog readers!.. Even just typing that makes me feel like a 10 year old in my first ‘long term’ relationship.. Please don’t break up with me at playtime.. On a slightly grander scale, today also marks three years of living in London! This last year has really been the best yet asContinue reading “14/07/15 – Happy Anniversary!”

20/02/2013 – Pretty Flowers

Back in work! Walked past these in a random shop and couldn’t help but take a photo. My favourite flowers – pretty, bright and colourful! Little things!


Spent today at my Cardiff home sorting out my PC for it to be taken away tomorrow. During the day I went for a walk with my mum and took the opportunity to get some summer photos seeing as we’re having such lovely weather here in Wales. My mum also made scones which were just amazing (andContinue reading “27/05/2012”