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14/07/15 – Happy Anniversary! — Jul 14, 2015

14/07/15 – Happy Anniversary!

Happy week anniversary blog readers!.. Even just typing that makes me feel like a 10 year old in my first ‘long term’ relationship.. Please don’t break up with me at playtime..

On a slightly grander scale, today also marks three years of living in London! This last year has really been the best yet as I got to spend it with Nic and met so many lovely new friends.

It was another damp day today but still warm! Corinne and I went for an extremely muggy run at lunchtime.. Keep plowing on summer, I believe in you!


10/07/15 – As fragile as a flower — Jul 10, 2015

10/07/15 – As fragile as a flower

Last night’s profits party was super fun but it didn’t come without it’s repercussions today.. It was a morning of hash browns and headaches before begrudgingly venturing to the office.

I used the walk home through Crystal Palace Park to test out my new phone’s camera and I’m pretty happy with the results. The LG G4 lets you have full control of the camera’s settings to get some really lovely shots!

Now to sleep away last night’s festivities..


02/10/2012 – Glasgow Trip! — Oct 5, 2012

02/10/2012 – Glasgow Trip!

Another vague post with a picture of a flower! Luckily, this should be the last of these for a while. It’s been a difficult weekend, but it has included a trip to Glasgow (where my Grandma previously lived). I haven’t been here since I was quite young so it’s lovely being back if for a sad reason, and it’s my favourite accent, so that’s always a plus. Stay happy everyone.

01/10/2012 – A Sad Day for All —
27/09/2012 – Caring friends — Oct 4, 2012

27/09/2012 – Caring friends

We had the delightful Maria and Buddug around for dinner tonight. I cooked chicken stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in bacon, with chips and vegetables. It was actually a meal I created that’s completely free of syns of slimming world so it’s good for you! It turned out great, and we all had a lovely night.
This flower is what Maria made me to make me smile due to my recent sad news. It’s these friends that are irreplaceable, and give you that lovely warm cared for feeling that I’m lucky to have.


26/08/2012 – Sunday Shopping! — Aug 29, 2012

26/08/2012 – Sunday Shopping!

Today was a day of shopping amongst other things for my mum and I! We we quite busy, so I only took these couple of photos before we set off on our busy schedule. I did however buy my graduation dress, graduation shoes, and a new leather bag! So it was a day of all round successes for me and shopping!


15/06/2012 – Rain Drop Rose — Jun 18, 2012

15/06/2012 – Rain Drop Rose

20120618-211959.jpg Another day in work, and then the last evening with the boys as we’re leaving tomorrow. We didn’t do much again, as we’re just been chatting and playing games etc, as we do. But I really wanted to get a photo like this up before we leave the house, as finally, after so much bother about the weeds in the back garden, they’re starting to look pretty!

01/04/2012 — Apr 1, 2012


Well, spring has sprung in Cardiff and the daisies are out! Went out for lunch with my mum, and then spent the day battling some work, but not getting anywhere fast… Still in the middle of a creative block, but I’m telling myself this is normal before I finally jump into action!


16/04/11 — Apr 22, 2011
09/04/11 — Apr 12, 2011