16/03/2014 – A PB then Afternoon Tea!

I got up at 7am today to run another long run as I’m now in training for a half marathon. Same as last Sunday, 10 miles, but this time TWELVE minutes faster, and no achy knees! I’m absolutely over the moon. Later on I went to town to have afternoon tea with my mum andContinue reading “16/03/2014 – A PB then Afternoon Tea!”

29/01/2014 – Or not…

Contrary to my last post, I might have let myself have a couple treats this evening… Today is my busy day for exercise – I missed my morning weight lifting class due to road works whilst cycling in to work, so I ended up running 4km in 20 minutes out of frustration on the treadmill.Continue reading “29/01/2014 – Or not…”