20/02/2014 – Creative lippy

The quiff is out in full volume today as it’s my last day getting the tube into work! Normally I wear my bike helmet to work which stops me getting too creative with my hair, so it was nice to have a change. Not much else happened today! Rest day from gym, and Creative ReviewContinue reading “20/02/2014 – Creative lippy”

13/12/2013 – Sparkly Christmas Time

Tonight was my work’s Christmas do. It was held in Dstrkt in central London, a really fancy club (I paid £24 for two single vodkas and cokes once the tab ran out in the early hours!). It was great fun, had a fantastic night. Here’s me in my sparkly Christmas frock and a shot fromContinue reading “13/12/2013 – Sparkly Christmas Time”

20/03/2013 – My favourite attire

My favourite outfit right now! Very busy day this week at work, meetings, projects and being just generally busy. Snapped this on my home, too tired to cycle!

29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper

With all the wallowing going around at the moment I decided to cheer myself up a bit and relax, and what better way to do that than getting my nails done (shellac, a hard solid resin over the nails that lasts around 2 weeks without chipping or getting dull) and a haircut! To explain the first photo,Continue reading “29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper”

28/09/2012 – Exploring Brick Lane

Last day of work today before a long weekend home for various reasons. Today was rather nice as my work mate took me around Brick Lane during our lunch break. I’m a sucker for vintage shops, and loved adding this to my list of things I can do in work lunchtimes (when I get theContinue reading “28/09/2012 – Exploring Brick Lane”

17/08/2012 – Cardiff escape

Today I got the bus home to Cardiff for the first time since I’ve moved to London! The main reason was for an old friend’s birthday, and it was an amazing night! I was too caught up in the nights escapades to get any photos but did snap one of my (sisters) tired heels! AmazingContinue reading “17/08/2012 – Cardiff escape”


  Another day for good deliveries, this time business cards! These are my last awaited work delivery, which is great as I can relax a bit more! Just another day of university work apart from that. Got my portfolio printed which didn’t end too well, so the stress level is a bit higher today! Ah well, 4Continue reading “16/05/2012”