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03/11/19 – Congrats Mel and Tom — Nov 3, 2019
19/10/18 – It’s family time — Oct 19, 2018

19/10/18 – It’s family time

I’ve finally finished work for the week and it’s time to chill out with Nic’s family. We all met up in Leicester Square and headed to China Town for a tourist stop off.

We had dinner in the Rainforest Cafe which was amazing! I’m living my best tourist life this evening and loving every second.

24/11/2013 – Leave your worries behind — Nov 27, 2013

24/11/2013 – Leave your worries behind

Far easier said than done. Today is the day of a very sad anniversary, and it was hard.
As each year gets easier, you still have days where you can’t possibly imagine being happy again. But you have to strive on and keep going, you know it’s what they’d want. Carry on, stay brave, and keep that smile going! 🙂 x

(We left Ragdale Hall today – Already miss being in a dressing down and slippers all day… Well recommended!)


23/11/2013 – Breakfast in Bliss —
22/11/2013 – Off to Ragdale Hall! —

22/11/2013 – Off to Ragdale Hall!

What’s know as one of Europes top spas, I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been for this weekend of relaxation at Ragdale Hall.
We try to get away from home around these dates for various personal reasons, this year we chose something a bit more calm than last years New York trip! Time to melt away our worries, whilst having an early celebration of mum’s birthday!


21/11/2013 – Day of Rest — Nov 22, 2013
20/11/2013 – Reunited Again! — Nov 21, 2013

20/11/2013 – Reunited Again!

I’m once again back in Wales! This time is for my mums birthday, we’re going away for a spa weekend to celebrate at Ragdale Hall.
I bought a first class ticket to Cardiff which meant I get to take advantage of their waiting room at Paddington. I’ve haven’t caught a first class trip during these hours before, so I definitely took full advantage… I got some work done whilst on the train, and then was finally reunited with my lovely mum! We set out to another friends birthday party, and that’s where we took the last photo. I’m a happy Steph to be back in my welsh home.


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12/07/2012 – Goodbye Meal — Jul 23, 2012

12/07/2012 – Goodbye Meal

As I’m now definitely moving out of Cardiff on Saturday, my sister, mum and I decided to go for lunch as a ‘goodbye meal’. It was actually one of the nicest meals I’ve had! The food was lovely, and it was a really nice meal. Definitely going to miss them both, but seeing more of my sister as she’ll be staying with me during home stand-bys (she’s cabin crew).