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23/02/2014 – Skating Steph — Feb 23, 2014

23/02/2014 – Skating Steph

My lovely mum dropped off my skates today as she was in London! So after Rach headed off to catch her bus home, I cycled down to battersea park to dust off my skills.

I had a complete blast on them, haven’t realised how much I missed it. Skated 11.5km in an hour, around the same as my running speed. Great fun, love adding a new sport to enjoy!


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08/12/2012 – Back to productivity! .. After a nap

I had a nice day today, finally got back into running and went for a 6k run! It was way harder than my last one a couple weeks prior (holiday and illness have recently got the better of me) but as they say, a bad run is better than no run at all! After that I had a rather relaxing day, and finally welcomed Claire home and we watched a movie and just chilled out – what a nice, easy going Saturday!


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07/11/2012 – Breakfast for queens!

I’ve not been so great with healthy eating recently.. I think it’s because of how my stupid mind works – “Oh hey! You’re doing great with exercise.. that means you can have a burger right? Riiight?” Dammit. But I’m trying to be better again, starting with this for breakfast! A great, healthy breakfast that I love and fills me up, yay! Now to stock up before I go back to skipping the meal.