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22/03/2014 – Steph’s Birthday Party! — Apr 8, 2014
21/03/2014 – Birthday Cake #2! —

21/03/2014 – Birthday Cake #2!

My lovely housemate Polly made me this beautiful cake for my birthday party tomorrow! I have the nicest friends and I’m truly basking in it this week 🙂
My best friends from home Alyx and Rachy arrived tonight, we drank wine and ate pasta and garlic bread, delicious start to the weekend with my besties! Roll on birthday weekend!


20/03/2014 – It’s Fall Out Boy! —
19/03/2014 – Massive salad time! —
18/03/2014 – Finger Liquor Good —
17/03/2014 – Speedy Bike! —

17/03/2014 – Speedy Bike!

(Quick apologies for the delay in uploading and the massive back log that is about to happen – life got busy!)

First ride with my new mounted phone case on my bike and I love it! So handy to speed around without wondering if I’m going the right direction..

Back in work as normal today, with dinner out in Bodeans, totally yummy chicken as always.


11/03/2014 – Grumpy mouth — Mar 16, 2014
10/03/2014 – Radio 1 guest! .. Maybe. —
09/03/2014 – Massive run, massive shop! —

09/03/2014 – Massive run, massive shop!

Decided today I’d run 10 miles! I didn’t want to care about time, just the mileage. Well, I only went and did it!

I was flagging, but bumped into Edwyn who ran the last 4 miles with me whilst my knees ached. Very proud of myself though, 1hr55!

Didn’t take any photos during the run, but after did a massive shop!! So excited to plough through all of this.


08/03/2014 – Saturday Cycle to Surrey —