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23/01/2014 – Thumb pint — Jan 26, 2014

23/01/2014 – Thumb pint

Everyone can have an off day right? Just imagine how lovely this photo would have turned out if it wasn’t for my fat thumb!

After work I cycled to east London to go to whitechapel gallery with my mate Rich. It was good, but we were in and out quite quickly so old habits emerged and we headed to the pub. I stayed on water as I had to cycle home, ended up riding 20 miles today! Though I’m on edge I’ve damaged my knee as it’s been quite painful today…


01/12/2013 – First Sunday of Advent — Dec 6, 2013

01/12/2013 – First Sunday of Advent

Photo 01-12-2013 13 41 01I’ve you’ve not already noticed, I get pretty damn excited about Christmas. It’s a lovely time of year! Today is the first day of advent, and I get to open my first advent chocolate! Apart from that I didn’t do much today, still trying to completely recover. I have a freelance day tomorrow and want to be well!

30/11/2013 – Wine night! —
29/11/2013 – Oh Gosh, I’m Ill —
28/11/2013 – Into the Village — Nov 30, 2013

28/11/2013 – Into the Village

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I headed to Kensington Village today for a meeting. It was a pain to get there, the first time my directions app has ever steered me wrong! Then had to pop over to East London. Travelling around London can be annoying – something I dislike about London is how an hours journey becomes a normal thing to get from one place to another. You wouldn’t travel from Cardiff to Newport for a few pints!