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19/01/2014 – The Aftermath — Jan 22, 2014

19/01/2014 – The Aftermath

So, this happened last night. It was already smashed but now my phone is a bit more glassy when you use it.

Hungover and groggy today, spent a lot of it cwtched up on the sofa watching Blackadder – there could be worse days I guess! Later on I was living off lunchables and cherry coke whilst playing PS3 – happy Steph. Totally finished Beyond Two Souls, amazing game, bloody loved it!


18/01/2014 – Friends and drinks! — Jan 21, 2014

18/01/2014 – Friends and drinks!

What a fantastic day! My mate Duncan is back in London after travelling for just over three months, so I spent the afternoon hearing all about it, and received a rather adorable fluffy kiwi!

Then in the evening the ever giggly Maddie came round! I hadn’t see her since my last year in uni but it was like that was a couple days ago. We played drinking games with the boys in the house and then headed to clapham. Amazing night out, so much fun. Finished off with nachos and cheese, lovely!


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