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22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots — Sep 22, 2013

22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots

Another lovely day getting to know our extended polish family. We’re out here meeting my mum’s cousins, which means I also get to meet my second cousins! It’s all pretty exciting and nerve wrecking as my polish is appalling (read: non-existent after please and thank yous).
We found my great grandparents grave today, it was very interesting piecing together our family tree – this photo is from the graveyard.


21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day! —

21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day!

After taking so many photos I found it so hard to chose just one for this post, but here it is!
Polish weddings are something else, I’ve had so much fun – with so many surprises! This wasn’t a cake with sparklers in it, it’s a boar.. with sparklers in it.. that the grandad of the groom hunted.. and brought out at 1am.
An amazing experience, everyone was so welcoming. I’ve never been spun round dancing so much in my life! Wonderful!


20/09/2013 – Heading to Poland —
19/09/2013 – Bright and Colourful — Sep 21, 2013

19/09/2013 – Bright and Colourful

My new favourite skirt – you know when you buy something and straight away it becomes an ‘old faithful’? That’s how I feel about this!
Big news today, this is my last day at my current job! A big goodbye party left with a huge hangover, but it was definitely worth it. End of one chapter, start of the next 🙂


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