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17/06/2012 – Homeward Bound — Jun 24, 2012
16/06/2012 – Drive to Doncaster —
12/06/2012 – Breakfast with the Boys! — Jun 13, 2012

12/06/2012 – Breakfast with the Boys!


As it’s our last week together in our house, and we’re trying to spend a lot of time together! So we decided to go to Cardiff for the morning today. We went for McDonald’s breakfast (I know, again in one week, naughty.), walked up a hill, went to Penarth Pier and then Barrage. And it was a really nice morning! Then David had to go to his gig in Bristol, but awesome day was awesome. I also got to test out some new CSS3 features later on as I have little work to do, it was really good to get some personal testing done.Image

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