30/07/15 – Hog roast and cocktails

Meat and booze, what more could a lady ask for in life? This evening we organised ladies night for our team! We had cocktails, chips and hog roast at The Jam Tree in Chelsea and it was all delicious. My cocktails were about 90% double cream and jam.. But boy was I not complaining! ThisContinue reading “30/07/15 – Hog roast and cocktails”

16/07/15 – Ladies who tapas

Feeling a smidge better than yesterday, I managed to not only make it into work but also back out for dinner! Though my husky voice could now woo any cold heart.. Ah the joys of a bad cold. But it was drinks and tapas for the lovely Alana’s birthday and I couldn’t be missing that.Continue reading “16/07/15 – Ladies who tapas”

10/01/2014 – Weekend in Oxfordshire

Weeeee I’m off to visit the amazing Fi for the weekend! I love a good weekend away – train after work straight to Bicester and it’s soda and vodka time!

14/12/2012 – Worky work.. shopping!

This Tuesday is my works staff do, and after a rather short day in work (Friday’s are 9-4) myself and Jas headed to the shops and I found an awesome dress so I’m excited! Westfield in London (Shepard’s Bush) is amazing, it’s just so big! I’m exploring the Stratford one tomorrow to finish off myContinue reading “14/12/2012 – Worky work.. shopping!”

12/12/2012 – It even looks cold!

London has been oh so chilly these last few weeks, and boy do I know it. Mind you, it’s been anything but ugly – clear skies, frosty mornings, we’re in peak winter now!

06/12/2012 – Team building, take two!

Due to a mess up, I managed to get on two team building days! One for development, and one for communications (as of 2013 I believe I’m 100% in communications as their designer). This team building was a lot different to segwaying with the guys as we went out for a lavish meal instead atContinue reading “06/12/2012 – Team building, take two!”

26/10/2012 – Fancy Weekend Begin!

Today was a busy day with meetings and such, in which I found my published work in a guardian in the other office! Also, this weekend I have decided to treat my mum to a fancy three days. It’s a small payback for everything she’s done for me! It started off meeting up with my cousin whoContinue reading “26/10/2012 – Fancy Weekend Begin!”

31/07/2012 – Mel and Mojito’s

My Sister came to visit today, and in order to celebrate Claire made mass quantities of Mojito’s! We didn’t have a ‘fancy’ jug, so we made it in a blender. You could never tell we were recently students… ‘ehrm’..