17/01/2014 – Friday Time!

Started today with a soggy 4 mile run, but I was a happy bunny as it took me 44 minutes, I’m slowly getting back to speed, next task is getting under the ten minute mile. Not long now! Though wet, the mornings are a beautiful time to run in January as the sun rises throughoutContinue reading “17/01/2014 – Friday Time!”

28/02/2013 – Drink till you!… Oh.

Went out tonight and this is the photo my flat mate took of me when I got home. My achievement of the night? – remembered to get the post!

22/02/2013 – Free drink is the best kind!

Beer fridge friday today at work! We decided to ‘frame’ Harri as she didn’t stay for drinks! Fun night with the guys!

07/12/2012 – Unexpected beer fridge is the best kind…

The beer fridge was unexpectedly opened today! One might think this leads to an unproductive work force, but you’d be wrong! In my case anyway, as I ended up having a break for a beer and then working for an extra hour and a half still drinking and getting a lot of work done (afterContinue reading “07/12/2012 – Unexpected beer fridge is the best kind…”

07/08/2012 – PJ Work Day

Today was a day where I spent the majority of it in my PJ’s, drank half a bottle of Mountain Dew, and got down with some commission work. I enjoyed today (apart from the stress of fighting with FTP clients, long story, shit internet). The photos are very literal of today, as to be honest,Continue reading “07/08/2012 – PJ Work Day”

06/07/2012 – Just One Drink..

Finished my last every day at work in Fire Design Studio today! They bought me a card and a bottle of Champers, I was so touched by it all, definitely will miss being there, but now’s a new chapter of my life! Went out to dinner with Fi again tonight, and got a massive cocktail,Continue reading “06/07/2012 – Just One Drink..”