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17/01/2014 – Friday Time! — Jan 18, 2014

17/01/2014 – Friday Time!

Started today with a soggy 4 mile run, but I was a happy bunny as it took me 44 minutes, I’m slowly getting back to speed, next task is getting under the ten minute mile. Not long now! Though wet, the mornings are a beautiful time to run in January as the sun rises throughout the run, it can be super beautiful.
Normal day at work (as a side not, I’m totally loving my new job!) then off to the pub with some colleagues. Happy Friday all.


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07/08/2012 – PJ Work Day — Jul 8, 2012

07/08/2012 – PJ Work Day

Today was a day where I spent the majority of it in my PJ’s, drank half a bottle of Mountain Dew, and got down with some commission work. I enjoyed today (apart from the stress of fighting with FTP clients, long story, shit internet). The photos are very literal of today, as to be honest, I was just on my desk chair for most of the day, basking in a PJ work day.

06/07/2012 – Just One Drink.. — Jul 7, 2012

06/07/2012 – Just One Drink..

Finished my last every day at work in Fire Design Studio today! They bought me a card and a bottle of Champers, I was so touched by it all, definitely will miss being there, but now’s a new chapter of my life!

Went out to dinner with Fi again tonight, and got a massive cocktail, went back to mine and drank the champagne! Lovely day in all.

25/04/2012 — Apr 27, 2012


Had to take another day off work today to get more university work done. Got two commission projects finished which I’ll be posting on my other blog soon enough! After that we went out for Claires birthday! It was a great night out, and here’s a low light photo of my awesome housemate David and I in Revs, Newport! (Slightly worse for wear..)Image

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