20/08/2012 – Untalented Doodler

Simple photo today, as I didn’t take any others. Just my doodles that I kept doing today as I was waiting for work to export. A fact about me is that I’m an appalling drawer, all of my designs and work are done on the PC, so when I doodle this is the extent ofContinue reading “20/08/2012 – Untalented Doodler”

09/08/2012 – Things will work out

This was put up in my office a few days ago by one of the developers I believe – love it. My new job is going well, I’m very busy, but doing what I love, graphic design. I read a few months ago “Happiness is a journey, not a destination” – as corny as thatContinue reading “09/08/2012 – Things will work out”