19/11/20 – Tofu time!

I had to get a bit it resourceful this evening when it came to pressing tofu for our dinner… Ended up using a bunch of heavy cookbooks and topped it off with a spider plant, poor thing didn’t stand a chance! We made sweet and sour stir fry but the sauce was only okay. IContinue reading “19/11/20 – Tofu time!”

15/12/2012 – Christmas dinner in the flat!

Friends and pigs in blankets, what more can a girl want? Tonight was our flat Christmas party and it was drunkenly delicious! Loved every second with good laughs and food.

19/11/2012 – Foody Post

T-minus 2 days until New York! I’m beyond excited, yet still haven’t packed.. I’m being all good and healthy though! Normal day at work, only one more day left in the office!

25/08/2012 – Dinner and a (Michael McIntyre show!)

As the title says, today I treated my mum to dinner and tickets to Michael McIntyre. It was such a nice evening, and we both really enjoyed it! He was on top form and we laughed loads! What a great day – really enjoying my time at home, nice get away from the busy LondonContinue reading “25/08/2012 – Dinner and a (Michael McIntyre show!)”

06/07/2012 – Just One Drink..

Finished my last every day at work in Fire Design Studio today! They bought me a card and a bottle of Champers, I was so touched by it all, definitely will miss being there, but now’s a new chapter of my life! Went out to dinner with Fi again tonight, and got a massive cocktail,Continue reading “06/07/2012 – Just One Drink..”