17/08/21 – Day two away

Another full on day, but today with added Go Karting! Had a lush time and even came seventh overall out of all 26th of us so I’m very pleased with that! And yes, I did manage to get up for my run and swim, smug much? We’ll see how that pans out tomorrow for roundContinue reading “17/08/21 – Day two away”

16/08/21 – Day 1 of work retreat!

For the next three days I’m away on a work retreat to plan projects for the rest of the year. So far it’s been a lot of work chat, but a lot of fun too! I’m one of the first ones off to bed as I’m determined to get up tomorrow to go running atContinue reading “16/08/21 – Day 1 of work retreat!”

14/08/21 – Blackberry picking (stealing)

We have a few bramble branches poking through our neighbour’s fences either side of our garden… It’s this time of year this suddenly starts to pay off! I’ve been nibbling on them for the last week but today I managed to get a little bowl full and there still more left – woo hoo!

12/08/21 – A bit delicate

I had a wonderful time last night, but it wasn’t without its mild repercussions today… I was groggy to say the least, some might say difficult, and they would not be eating. But I didn’t actually manage to get a load of work done and had some prosecco in the evening! All in all aContinue reading “12/08/21 – A bit delicate”

09/08/21 – Back to theatre!

I cannot explain how much of a good night I’ve had tonight. After 18 months I have finally made it back into a theatre and I’m just oh so happy. And no only that, it was a hilarious show that made me beam ear to ear AND we went to dishoom after! The best MondayContinue reading “09/08/21 – Back to theatre!”

08/08/21 – Autumnal run?!

It can’t possibly be, but the with this weather it certainly feels like it! I ran 10k this morning for the first time since April as I ease back into running. On the way I ran past this horse chestnut tree and look at how ready for autumn it is… I’m really hoping the sunContinue reading “08/08/21 – Autumnal run?!”